Welcome Reception

In order to kick off this year’s conference and to fully and truly experience Rotterdam, two boats will be made available within walking distance from the university campus on Wednesday 6th June 2012 from 18:00 to 20:00; hosting a total of 600 participants. At the end of a 1.5 hour harbor trip on the Maas River, participants will be dropped off close to the city centre and can continue exploring the exciting and culturally vibrant city of Rotterdam during their SIG social events.

Two drinks and a variety of hors d’oeuvre will be fully served on board. Additional drinks will also be available for purchase. Please note that your registration for the opening reception does not specifically assign you to either one of the boats. Hence, if you wish to be on a boat with certain other participants, please see to it to board the same boat. In general, once the first boat will reach its capacity it will depart and the other boat will be available for boarding.

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Gala Dinner

On Thursday 7th June 2012 from 20:00 to 23:30, this year’s Gala Dinner will take place in the “Laurenskerk”; the only still remaining late-Gothic building from the originally medieval Rotterdam.

Located in the city center of Rotterdam, this protestant church lures with the ideal setting and atmosphere to make this special night a memorable event.

The Gala Dinner will take the form of a classical and traditional seated dinner with special entertainment. Due to the capacity of the church and the special arrangements the number of guests is limited to 500 seats. Given the special location and nature of the event, you are welcome and highly encouraged to dress up; however, no specific dress code will be expected, nor strictly enforced.

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