Guidelines for session chairs, discussants and presenters

Have a schedule for the session and be aware of the possible withdrawals within your session and plan accordingly;

Be at the session venue in advance (at least 5 minutes) to set up and test the equipment. In case of any IT issues, conference hosts will be onsite to assist you;

Bring/arrange a laptop for your session; projectors will be available in each room, however, it is the responsibility of the session chair & discussant to arrange for a laptop for their session. Please note that when using a Mac you will have to bring the appropriate connecting cables;

• Familiarize yourself with the active participants of the session; as session chair, introduce the session, it’s schedule, as well as the presenters;

• Keep track of time; make sure to manage the questions and discussions so that the schedule is maintained and each presenter is treated with fairness and respect;

• Keep in mind that room capacity is limited; having an active role in a session does not give you any privileges. You have to be on time, preferably early, to secure a seat for yourself.

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